Thursday, December 31, 2009

A joyeous new year to you

Still in the doldrums here. The timing is still bad, nothing really on the job front. Looking and applying, but there isn't much going on right now because of the holidays.

Goof told me a few things about the silverback. Things that silverback did, and he even asked Goof for help on. Things that would kill his marriage and ruin his chances of future promotions. I'm still at the point that I want them to suffer. I even dreamed the other night that I met them in a public setting. What would he and his wife do, if I mentioned how much I despise the man and what he's done in front of wife and minister? Yea, I'm still a mean spirited person at heart. I'm not that decent of a person.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Miserable Christmas

Let's just put it this way, there would be less stress and a more joyful Christmas if it wasn't for frigging Good Ole Boy Southerners who close in and protect rank. I'm not past the bitterness yet. Fricking 2 weeks before Christmas, a week before Stinky's birthday. May they all rot in hell, and everything bad happen to them. I understand protecting your skin, it's human nature, but again did you have to do it just before Christmas? Did the Silverback have the guts to show up? No he had to stay at home and not chance running across Goof. Do you feel good about yourself? Does it make you feel better as you make the office a pigstyle, so that the admin staff, and housekeeping complain that they don't like you because you have no manners and spit in trash cans and cups in front of everyone? How the hell are you going to do the job better when you failed the last time, and you have no decent business manners? The business manners don't mean anything because these are Good Ole Southern Boys? So the Boss Hoggs understand your need to chew tobacco and spit every 5 min during a meeting? My God no wonder this state is so rinky dinky screwed up.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sometimes you just can't talk about it

Lord help me, so much has happened, yet not enough has happened. Also somethings you just rather forget.

Stinky struggled with school, it was just so difficult to get him to recognize that school requires participation. It's not just a social setting. We had to put him in summer school to move on to the next grade. This did not sit well with anyone.

I enrolled in a computer class and I've done well with it. In fact I plan to enroll as a part time to full time student. I can't say for certain how soon this will happen, but baby steps for me.

We repaired and painted the front porch, and since the drought was declared over, power washed the house. My lawn looks quite nice and Babymama's lawn still looks like crap, but hey she doesn't have to mow any longer, she has dramaqueen do it. Stinky is on friendly terms with him, but I still don't trust them.

Our new neighbors are quite nice. Their daughter calls me Mom, and spends a lot of time over here, that's fine with me, I don't mind much. Their dog scares the bejeebus out of me though. It's a boxer and it is very loud when one comes over. It looks like it wants to eat us. It's old and growls when it feels like it. Not the safest feeling if you ask me.

The new ones at Enabler's house are just as bad as the grandchildren. We've taken to calling the woman Jugs. Well she's got huge fake tits, skin like bad old leather, and just as dark. She spends her day on the front porch drinking and smoking. Seems to be her goal in life is to mooch off anyone she can. Her daughter is just as lazy and very much of an attention seeking brat. Let's say I've had some experiences with her, that made up my mind that they are definitely of the wrong ilk.

We had my friend from SC visit us for the 4th of July week. I have to say never again. It took her 7 years to come see us, and honestly if I knew what I do now, it should have been another 7 years for her to visit, then my son and house would be safer. It was not a good visit. The house still shudders at the thought of her girls. Stinky still sees red. I see red when I think about it. Perhaps in another month I can talk about it without getting angry.

I'm displeased with Neville and his father. I learned that his father is a very uptight jerk from his comments and lack of effort to try to be friendly. I'm disappointed with Neville's mother as I felt the comments made were not appropriate and there is a riff between us now, and that those words cannot be rescinded. Stinky doesn't want to see him. Not that I blame him.

Mom came for a 10 day visit. She left today. It was wonderful to see her, and it was a pleasant visit with her. We walked and talked, did a bit of shopping, mainly for food, and just had a wonderful time. Well I did. I hope she did too. She is in Manhattan now, spending time with Egg and his wife. Looking forward to the new baby. Me too. I made a baby quilt for them. I hope they like it and I certainly have fond wishes and positive thoughts for mom and baby. Now I wonder what they will name her.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another toilet incident

The other day Stinky has been playing outside and Whinus has been out and about. Stinky has an understanding with the boy, and so how children are able to behave better than adults. Unfortunately, this also means that Whinus has not taken any clues about his need to use our powder room. It was dark and late, we had called Stinky back into the house. But there was an issue, Whinus needed to use the powder room. I was not happy. Honestly I was afraid of the kid using it as an excuse to get in the house again. Worry not. He came in went to the powder room, and spent over 12 minutes stinking it up to high heaven. What is with that kid? He's now 10, there is no earthly reason to assume otherwise that a child that age, recognizes when he needs to attend personal needs. Nor there a logical reason why he can not walk the 50 yards at most to his own home.

We were so disgusted by it. Goof knew it was going to be bad when he saw Whinus at the door. What is wrong with the people who live on that street? I've had Big Red blow up my powder room several times now, and Whinus can't seem to realize that his body is telling him to go attend issues until he's about to soil himself, and he still can't seem to get it in his head that it's more logical to head home when that time arises. Now we all know realistically if someone lives more than 2 minutes away and you've had to drive or bike over here, we aren't going to make them head home. Neville, who I've taken to calling Frick (yes he says that a lot, we made a song about it.) Lives about 2 miles away, so naturally if nature calls he's going to use our toilet. We've seen Stinky out and about playing and he will run back into the house use the toilet and head back out, this is when they are outside in the woods or around the cul de sac.

The next day, when I was taking Stinky to school, I put it in no uncertain terms that boy will not use our bathroom again. No reason for him to use ours as he lives so close. Of course if he were to bring a cashiers check for $100 as a deposit for the plumber then I would allow it. Stinky wasn't pleased with this, but as boys are wont to do, he mentioned what happened to Big Red. So Big Red told Stinky, that Whinus is not allowed to use their bathroom either. I don't know if it's cut and dried like that, but I can certainly see why they would put that into effect as they only have one bathroom in the house. Not that Big Red would admit or realize that he's got issues in that department also. I'll have to talk about my frustrations with Big Red another time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Am I just expecting too much?

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I took the cart for my weekly lunch with Neville's mom. Just the usual chatter about our boys and their struggles to perform well in school, and socialize with their peers appropriately. I'm worried about how Stinky and his friends talk to each other. They use derogatory names. Calling each other idiot, fag, or asshole. I don't like it. I'm sure I maybe hypersensitive to it. And lord knows I get frustrated and call Goof 'asshole' under my breath daily. I just wonder is this a trend that will pass or is it something that males just do? It's a problem because Neville is hyper sensitive to being called names. As it is we had an incident last week where one of the neighbor girls called him "Alfalfa" and he took offense to that. She also hit him in the rear with a crochet mallet after he got her wet with a water balloon. Not the best toy to play with when it's 40*f outside. He yelled and threatened to beat her face in. Stinky stopped him, and we took him home as he was not willing to calm down. Obviously Neville does not take well to being called anything other than his name.

I had Stinky mow the front lawn on Monday, and yesterday he had to blow all the debris off the lawn and easement. As an extra incentive I offered to take him and a friend to get ice cream when he was done. He did a very good job on the front, and he chose Big Red to bring along. Well that's all fine and dandy. We waited an hour for him to finish his math homework and he came over. The drive over was fine, but my issue with Big Red, is that he has no social manners. He chose the biggest size ice cream. Well that was fine. This boy is 6'3 and well over 200lbs. He's got a big appetite. What bothered me was that he did not thank me, until we got back to the house and I said, "You are welcome." Then he remembered his manners. Now I understand there is give and take with the boys. I just want some basic gratitude. I could have just told Stinky, I'll take you out for ice cream, just the two of us, take it or leave it. But I wanted him to have fun with his friends. I realize that Big Red spends a lot of time in his head. Reading or playing video games, but some social graces are required. I don't expect him to thank me daily for the ride to school in the morning. It's what I willingly took on, but did I really? Am I expecting too much from Stinky's friends? I would like to believe that Stinky is polite to his friends parents. I know that he can be very shy upon imposing on them for food and such. He has admitted that if he is spending the night at someone's house, he would ask his friend if he's truly hungry, about something to snack on. I hope he's not opening their refrigerator without permission. Some people don't have a problem with that. I'm a bit more uptight I think about that. Perhaps it's just living with Stinky and Goof. They are constantly opening the fridge and looking in. Or Stinky will hang off the doors. That drives me nuts. I don't know what they are expecting when they open the doors not less than 3 minutes after the last viewing. Did something magically appear or disappear in there? I've watched the new neighbor girl in our house. She's polite, she asks me or Stinky for something to drink, or when I opened the fridge in her view she asked if she could have some grapes. Perfectly reasonable and polite. Perhaps it's just a boy thing, and I need to relax. I'm hoping the manners will get better as Stinky expands and acquires more friends next year, and in high school, but I won't hold my breath. It's only 5 more years of this.

Perhaps I'm hyper sensitive after mom's experience with Egg's friend Bob. Bob stayed at my parents home one Winter break while in college. Bob ate like a pig and forgot to think of others during the dinner. Then a few days later, the house was full of leftovers and mom was on the sofa reading a book. Bob came into the kitchen and looked in the fridge and he asked mom to make him breakfast. Huh? The fridge is full, and mom said there were plenty of leftovers, so that was a hint. She's not cooking up eggs and bacon, not when there's plenty of stuff. Yea, it might not be what you expect for breakfast, but come on, there's side dishes, and plenty of chicken, and meat that just need reheating. Now after Bob left he asked Egg, what would mom like as a thank you gift. The gift was appreciated, but we still joke about Bob to this day and that was 10 years ago.

I don't want Stinky to leave an impression like that. And so far Big Red has left that impression on me. Neville he earned an incredulous memory with his words on Stinky's birthday. Me, if I was offered prime cuts of meat, I would not look at the host and ask for something else to eat. He was given advance warning of our dinner menu. Perhaps when he grows up and acquires a palate outside of school cafeteria food, we can tease him about that. For now, I will be extra cautious and change the day he comes over when we plan to have a more costly dinner.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The early signs of spring

Today was a gorgeous day. Actually the weekend was fantastic too. Warm 70*F days, the early signs of spring. Also I found a dandelion in the front lawn. Stinky had a good weekend. He was able to play outside Sat, saw Watchmen with Big Red and spend the night at his house. Sunday was another great day for him. He got to spend the day hanging out with the new neighbor girl, and got me to chauffeur them around on the cart. He also didn't have to mow the lawn yesterday. I had to carefully get him to mow the front lawn today after school. That was a tricky situation. Oh no, I've got a teen who doesn't want to do chores, especially since he got the prize first. I gave him money to see the movie and spend at the store.

Now I'm curious is it cicada season? Tonight the bugs are noisy! Something is outside buzzing and shrilling loudly. That's what I don't like about spring and summer, the bugs. I already got a minor bug bite on my leg, so I had to pull out the bug spray.

Something that Goof noticed on Saturday. We decided to run errands and took the cart. As we drove through the Walmart parking lot, he passed Babymama and her brood. As I was the passenger, I didn't notice anything on the left side. Both he and Stinky saw them, and the looks they gave us. Dramaqueen had a look on his face, that to both of them, seem to interpret as part yearning and resigned. The boy has lost Fred, which has led him to stay quiet and not cause Stinky trouble. They said Babymama, looked at us and laughed. I'm sure she tried to make light of the fun we could be having on the cart, or perhaps something to the tune, of "Their cars are probably in need of repair hence the cart usage." We don't think highly of her, now do we?

Goof also saw her go out and talk to the new neighbors. I'm sure she'll be friendly for a short period, then ignore and hate them too. What is there to like about these new people? They have been married before the conception of their oldest child. They have bought a nice home, they have cars and cart. Husband makes a decent living. Wife just took a trip to visit family. Gee, they are horrible people aren't they?

Of course Goof still gets a chuckle over the snowman and Christmas wreath hanging by her door. She finally took down the Santa Claus door hanger. There are 11 more days until spring. So we are joking to see if the winter decorations go down or hang around until Easter.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another crazy neighbor

About 3 weeks ago Goof stayed home for the day. About 2 1/2 hours before Stinky was to come home he noticed a dog running around in the street barking and chasing cars. Goof gets anal about people and dogs on the front lawn, so he wasn't pleased, and I think he was bored. Around the time the elementary kids got home the dog was still barking and wandering around the cul de sac. The dog blocked Bug from entering the street, so he went to a neighbor's house instead I guess to wait him out. This was also the same day we saw Fred. Fred was chased by this dog too. Of course, we didn't care what happened to those two, their parents or guardians can take care of this. This is the same dog I was told to mind my own business with last summer. But Goof started to worry that this dog would attack Stinky. So he called animal control and it took them about 30 min to finally get over here. I gather the guy was able to ascertain the owner and where it lived from the tags.

A week later someone comes to the door ringing the bell and knocking. I see a woman in her late 40s early 50s. chin length curly brown hair, and harsh makeup. She looked like a drinker. This woman starts to yell at me because she got a $200 fine for her dog being cited loose, and that her dog is friendly, wouldn't hurt children, and just wanted to play with them. Oh and she was home. 2 1/2 hours of barking and you were home? Come on, the windows and doors were closed in my house, and we are well insulated, and I still heard the dog. She basically told me that I should watch out for my kid and my dogs, if I could say the same about them as she could her dog. Blaming me for her lack of responsibility. I was very flustered by this, and I didn't watch to see where she came from. Later that day, we noticed there was a card propped on the mail box. We looked at it, it was a pink thank you card. There was a card and note written in very immature spelling and writing style proclaiming her dog was a nice dog, and we were in the wrong to call animal control. Goof wrote a letter in response and wanted to put it in her mailbox, but because I wasn't sure where the woman came from, we did not follow through on it.

Now Wednesday Goof and promised to come home early to take Stinky out to the firing range. I was in the kitchen prepping dinner, and Stinky was in the living room playing on my laptop. I heard barking for a few minutes and I mentioned it to Stinky
but he did nothing about it, and neither did I. Stinky then gets a phone call from Goof. It seems he is trapped by the same dog as two weeks prior. He was standing by the truck unable to move because the dog was on our property and barking with teeth bared at Goof. Stinky goes and grabs his airsoft rifle, and goes out the front door, shooting it to scare the dog off. Goof is able to get in the house. Well then finally the woman comes out of her house. She yells for the dog and it moves toward her. Goof walks over to speak to the woman, she yells at him, that the dog is friendly. He tells her, the dog had him pinned to the truck door, he wasn't able to move forwards or backwards without the dog charging. The woman goes back into her house and grabs some hotdogs. She throws those on her lawn and the dog runs over to eat them. She does nothing else, and starts to walk back to her house. Goof asks her if this behavior is appropriate. She responds back that this isn't, but that she didn't want this behavior for her dog, and it isn't her fault he's like this. Goof tells her to take control of the dog. She yells back at him that she's trying, yet, she walks inside her house and closes the door. Goof is dumbfounded. The dog is still outside at has begun barking at him again. She comes out and yells at Goof again. He tells her that the dog must be leashed off private property, and he's an aggressive dog, and if need be Goof would call animal control. The woman responds back that they would just put the dog to sleep and again she goes back into her house. Goof starts to walk away and the dog starts to charge after him. Stinky calls out a warning and Goof turns around to stare the dog down. The woman comes out of her house again, and yells at Goof. At this point Goof has called animal control and he warns the woman, if the dog bites Stinky or me, he would shoot the dog. The woman tells him that it is illegal to have a gun in the city limits. Goof tells her, he has every right to defend his family. She threatens to call the police on him, and goes back into the house. So Goof turns to leave and again the dog charges. This time Goof had enough and he comes in and grabs our shotgun. He then takes it out to the porch and racks it. All this time, the neighbors have come out. Kioskman has come out and is smirking. Babymama's kids are looking through their front window smiling, and the new neighbors are watching this too. Once Goof racked the shotgun, Kioskman had a strange look on his face. Was he going to laugh, or shit his pants? A few moments later, the police arrive. They came in 4 cars, hands on their holsters prepared for something I guess. So you know what happens? They get charged by her dog. We figured Babymama and the woman called the police, as one squad car was in our driveway, another in Babymama's and the third one parked in front of the woman's house. Goof takes the shotgun and puts it under the sofa, and he goes looking for his gun permit. And if you know Goof, he has no idea where his wallet is. Uhm, with your pants? He finds his wallet but no license. Oh I think I washed it. What an idiot this man is. He can't put anything away in it's proper place.

So the police come to the door, and he hands the permit to the policeman. They enter the house and ask what happened. He tells them about the dog, and the police look around they see a toy bb gun on the staircase and ask is that the weapon he drew on the porch. No, it's not. Is this air soft rifle by the door the weapon? No, that was used by my son to scare the dog away so I could enter the house. Well where is the weapon? It's under the sofa. The policeman asks if he can pull it out and look at it. Of course. So the policeman reaches down under the sofa and pulls out our .22 rifle. No, that's not the weapon. The policeman reaches under again, and withdraws the HMR17. No that's not the weapon. How many guns do you have under the sofa? Just three. So the police finally pulls out the remington shotgun. Are the weapons loaded? No, only the shotgun, but it's not racked. Oh yes it is. The police unloads the shotgun. Another policeman ran a check on Goof to make sure there is nothing on file against him. Nothing there. The dog is still running around outside barking. I show the policeman the note card she left us, and what happened prior to that afternoon regarding the dog. The policeman reads the note and asks where our dogs are. They are in their crate quiet as can be. We tell the police our dogs do not go outside unsupervised or off leash on public property.

So the policeman has him write out a statement, and they go to the neighbors to get statements regarding this incident. Kioskman agreed that the dog was chasing children. The new neighbor had come home and she herself was chased by this dog. Animal control finally came and was charged by the dog too. The woman was spoken to and the dog was taken away. Well there goes her responsibility to the dog. I am gathering this dog will be put to sleep now.

The woman turned out to be the neighborhood drunk. That's why she didn't hear the dog for 2 1/2 hours, she was drunk. Goof asked me how I didn't recognize her. Well last time I saw her was 3 years ago. I don't make it a point to spend a lot of time with her.

So now the neighbors know we have guns, alongside the security cameras. Obviously Goof didn't shoot the dog, and he would have gotten into some trouble for discharging a weapon in city limits. It was just unbelievable that this woman called the police on him, and didn't bring her dog in. She dug herself one big hole. Four police witnesses, and animal control officer saw the dog behaving aggressively. This woman is just wrong.

I am hoping this is the drama for the month.